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About Us - Veteran Owned Business - Central Air

Veteran Owned Small Business

We are a veteran owned and operated small business that is focused on providing  heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, home services, and lite-plumbing services with the highest level of customer satisfaction – we will exceed your expectations, while providing outstanding service and huge savings.  We will help you find the right solution for your existing system; repair or replace. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured full service company.

We repair all residential or commercial air conditioner and heat pump issues:   

•Refrigerant Recharging R22,  R410A, R423a

•Leak Testing  

•Super Heat and Sub Cooling 

•Freezing of the evaporator or condenser

•AC Compressor Slugging

•AC Compressor Lockup 

•Filter/Dryer replacement 

•AC compressor short cycling 

•AC compressor tripped on overload 

•High and low pressure problems


We provide various electrical components such as:


•Run & start capacitors 

•Condenser fan motors 

•Blower motors 

•High and low ac pressure switches 


•Circuit boards 


•Condensate pumps 



We tackle AC Evaporator coil replacement issues such as:

•TXV expansion valves 

•Metering pistons 

•AC condensing unit replacement 

•Liquid and suction copper line replacement


We Repair, Replace, and Install Ductwork

Install Induct Air Scrubber Plus (Air Cleaner kills 99% Of All Surface Micro-Organisms)


Install Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Install Tank Hot Water Heaters

Home Services:

Roofing Installed or Repaired



Install Windows and Doors

Blown Attic Insulation

Kitchen Counters & Cabinets Installed

Bathroom Remodel

Siding Repair or Install

Build Screen Porches & Decks

Wood, Tile, Laminate Flooring